2. kajico:

    822 on Flickr.



  4. kajico:

    788 #flickstackr

    Flickr: http://flic.kr/p/nBs1Qt

    (via 120-mm)


  5. vicentecabido:

    minolta autocord mxs (second version 1956) / ilford FP4 plus 125 / HC-110 B 1+31 / 9’ / double esposition


  6. joaquinruinaphotography:

    En nuestro camino a Los Pirineos. 3 días en bici, más de 11 horas cada día. Desde Barcelona a Matemale

    On our way to Pyrenees. 3 days cycling more than 11 hours per day. From Barcelona to Matemale



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  9. rhmimages:

    Since most of the recent film images look like crap, I figured I would just upload the best as a single set. Nothing to write home about.  I think I prefer shooting the DSLR and converting to B&W.


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